Big Rock Creek

Big Rock Creek, was an event that was added in 2012, and has been growing in popularity.  Ask any kids who’s been, and I think you’ll find it’s definitely a favorite.  Ask them why and the answer will probably “Duh FISHING!”  Last year we had 140 people attend, which is about a 3rd of the nation.  We are hoping for an even greater participation this year.  Based on word of mouth from last couple of years, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Big Rock Creek (the camp ground is actually called Paradise Springs at Big Rock Creek) is located in the San Gabriel Mountains, near Antelope Valley.  It’s less than a 2 hour drive away, mostly by freeway.

The campground has different setups, as far as camping goes.  There are big grass areas where tents can be set up, amongst existing Teepees which can also be used as sleeping quarters.  There are also some cabins, and even a limited number of RV spaces.


As far as activities, the sky’s the limit.  There is an activity center, with pool tables, ping pong, a swimming pool, and other similar type activities, but the main draw is the fishing, zip line, rock climbing, and ropes courses.   In 2012 and 2013, the MCN even set up a BB Gun range, which was supervised and a lot of fun for all the boys.

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Of course you can’t go camping without a big campfire, along with a story teller and S’Mores.


Most boys will tell you that Big Rock Creek is a must do event.  So We’ll see you out on the ZIP Line!