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The Mighty Corona Nation has partnered with Circle Bridge to automate and facilitate the registration process.  The new system will allow chiefs to manage their tribes more effectively and help to reduce the workload involved with the collection of dues and fees for events.  Visit the HOW TO JOIN section of the website to register!

Welcome to the website of the Mighty Corona Nation (“MCN”)!

The MCN exists to administer the Father and Son Explorer Guides Program within the greater Newport-Mesa area of Southern California.  More specifically, the MCN is comprised of eleven tribes and over 200 families, and the Explorer Guides program was developed in a very deliberate way to support the father’s vital family role as teacher, counselor and friend to his son, and this is the focus in all that we do.

Guide programs dates back to the early 1920’s when an Ojibway Indian hunting guide named Joe Friday gave a presentation to Harold Keltner, who at the time was a St. Louis YMCA director.  He stated during his remarks that “The Indian father raises his son.  He teaches his son to hunt, to track, to fish, to walk softly and silently in the forest, to know the meaning and purpose of life and all that he must know, while the white man allows the mother to raise his son.”  These remarks struck a chord with Keltner and he arranged to have Friday speak to a larger audience of fathers and sons.

Many in attendance were moved by Friday’s speech and this gave Keltner an idea.  Perhaps this strong mutual interest in Indian culture could be placed at the heart of a program aimed at closing a gap that he had seen widening between American fathers and their boys.  So, Keltner designed a father-son program based on the qualities of American Indian culture and life: Dignity, Patience, Endurance, Spirituality, Feeling for the Earth, and Concern for the family–And, thus, the present-day Guides program was born.

We invite you to explore our site and welcome your interest in the Explorer Guides program!

Ray “Swinging Tomahawk” Clark

Chief of Chiefs of the Mighty Corona Nation (2013 -2014)